2010 Faculty Awards Honors Exemplary Achievement

August 22nd, 2010 | News

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Numerous Cal State Northridge faculty members were recognized for their years of service and contributions to education at the 2010 Honored Faculty Reception at the Grand Salon on May 17. The event, which was sponsored by President Jolene Koester and the Northridge chapter of the California Faculty Association, recognized faculty for their outstanding service to the campus including faculty and lecturers with 25 to 45 years of service and those awarded emeritus status.

President Koester conferred a special emeritus status on the late Vice President for Student Affairs Terry Piper, who passed away in May after 10 years of service at Northridge.

“You are all the very heart of this university. You are what make this place work,” said President Koester, at the annual reception. “This is a real honor.”

Those acknowledged for their exemplary achievements included:

Outstanding Faculty Awards

Outstanding Faculty Award winner Kathleen Marsaglia. Photo by Dat-Tuyen Nguyen

Kathleen Marsaglia (Geological Sciences)

During her 10 years at CSUN, Marsaglia has maintained excellence in teaching, mentoring and research, procuring $5 million in grant money for the enhancement of student learning.

Elected a fellow of the Geological Society of America in 2004, Marsaglia has authored 80 publications and served as principal investigator for major programs funded by the National Science Foundation, helping students from traditionally underrepresented groups achieve geology degrees. She has also supervised 12 master’s theses and nine undergraduate research projects, taking students to New Zealand and on ocean drilling project cruises to conduct research.

Marsaglia’s mentoring efforts and grant achievements have contributed greatly to student success in the geosciences.

Faculty President Jennifer Matos, Outstanding Faculty Award winner George Uba and Cal State Northridge President Jolene Koester. Photos by Lee Choo

George Uba (English)

Chair of the Department of English and former acting chair of Asian American Studies, Uba is known for his exceptional teaching and his ability to develop and promote the talents of his students and colleagues. He has worked as an English honors advisor and has mentored CSUN Presidential Scholars, and many of his students have gone on to graduate school, achieving success in their teaching careers. He expects students to present their ideas in class and conduct themselves as academics, motivating and engaging them in the process.

Uba has also authored over 40 academic and creative publications and played a significant role in the promotion of Asian American literature, being the first to deliver a Modern Language Association presentation on Asian American poetry in 1985 and organizing the first Asian American poetry reading at the MLA in 1990.

Uba’s work as department chair represents his excellence in teaching, scholarship and creative activities, in addition to his values of tolerance, respect for diverse opinions and ethical decision making.

From left: Vance Peterson, faculty award winners Rebecca Ripple, Katherine Haake, Nancy Burstein, James Macklin, Josh Sides, Mary Rosen, Rafi Efrat and President Jolene Koester.

Distinguished Teaching, Counseling, or Librarianship Awards

Katherine Haake (English)

Serving as a professor in the Department of English since 1986, Haake embraces both teaching and writing, and inspires students to “think more substantively and openly about the art of writing.” Her commitment and contributions as a lecturer match her achievements in literary fiction, which include three collections of short fiction, a novel and multiple essays on the subject of creative writing.

In addition, Haake has chaired the Creative Writing Committee, overseen the CSU MFA Consortium, served as Creative Writing Adviser for the College of Humanities and directed more than 100 master’s theses. Encouraging pupils to make their own assertions as well as engage critically, Haake spearheads rigorous and accessible classes that are intended to make students feel comfortable as creative writers.

James Macklin (Accounting and Information Systems)

Macklin has been a faculty member in the Department of Accounting & Information Systems in the College of Business & Economics since 1983, and is a licensed accountant in California and New York.

His numerous achievements include the Laventhol & Horwath Outstanding Professor Award, Becker CPA Review Course Professor of the Year Award and Faculty Merit Award from the California Society of CPAs for his contributions to accounting education. He is also a six-time winner of the Polished Apple Award for outstanding teaching from the CSUN University Ambassadors program. Furthermore, alumni have contributed to the creation of the Jim Macklin Award for Excellence in Leadership.

Macklin’s charismatic teaching and acknowledgment of students’ potential reflects his commitment to their academic growth and success.

Mary Rosen (Mathematics)

Rosen, currently the associate chair of the Mathematics Department, has been teaching at CSUN since 1984 and holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is praised as a leader in the field, an exceptional teacher and supportive mentor, credited with having a gift to make abstract and difficult mathematical concepts seem simple and manageable.

Rosen conducts the CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) and has coordinated two math field days at elementary schools involving CSUN ITEP (Integrated Teacher Education Program) students. She is also the recipient of four Polished Apple Teaching Awards presented by the University Ambassadors program in 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2008.

Her colleagues’ comments as well as her students’ evaluations consistently display “respect, admiration, thankfulness, and affection.”

Extraordinary Service Award

Nancy Burstein (Special Education)

During Burstein’s 20 years at CSUN, she has exhibited commitment and excellence by providing service to students, the community, and the field of education.

She has been involved in leading numerous programs supported by federal and state grants that have provided services to the College of Education and campus community. For 15 years, she has organized the special education option of the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Preparation Program. This successful program has sustained itself past the initial five years that were covered by its founding grant. Earlier this year, Burstein received a grant with over $8 million in funding for the Teacher Residency Program in special education, bringing substantial funding to the university and providing an opportunity to impact special education services and the performance of students with disabilities in local schools.

A role model and mentor to both faculty and students, Burstein is an accessible and indispensible department chair who has contributed to a collaborative and cohesive department by “putting students first” and  “taking faculty under her wing.”

Preeminent Scholarly Publications Award

Josh Sides (History)

Sides, a Whitsett Professor of California History, earned the award for his starkly original book, “Erotic City: Sexual Revolutions and the Making of Modern San Francisco,” published in 2009 by Oxford University Press.

The book takes a unique amalgamating approach, incorporating contemporary history, urban studies, and gender and sexuality studies to artfully examine San Francisco’s history of sex radicalism in the context of race relations, urban expansion, and politics. “His scholarly innovations are bound to reframe new work in the field,” according to Nan Alamilla Boyd, chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University. Early reviews call his book “provocative,” “brilliantly researched,” “timely,” and “insightful.”

Sides’ interdisciplinary approach makes his work relevant to scholars, students and casual readers alike. The book’s publication by an esteemed press, in addition to its fusion of research and pop culture, will further raise CSUN’s academic profile.

Exceptional Creative Accomplishments Award

Rebecca Ripple (Art)

Ripple is a nationally recognized visual artist with over two decades of groundbreaking work. She has been recognized because of her recent exhibition, “Velvet Involution.”

In Velvet Involution, Ripple utilizes her considerable talent to focus on the mixture of, and conflict between, the written word and visual art. Ripple simultaneously fuses, deconstructs, and intensifies the traditional relationship between text and images. Her goal is to challenge the traditional hierarchy that exists between the two as the definitive expression of meaning and visual art’s dependence on this meaning. As a result, she powerfully challenges the basis of our conditioned perception, and accomplishes an artistic feat by “the creation and opening of an alternative space of anomie, beauty, and meaning.”

Visionary Community Service-Learning Award

Rafi Efrat (Accounting and Information Systems)

Efrat, who has worked at CSUN since 1999, was honored for his work as founding director of the Bookstein Tax Clinic, which provides federal tax controversy resolution services to low-income taxpayers in Los Angeles.

The clinic, now completing its second year of operation, has involved more than 150 accounting students receiving hands-on experience by helping over 220 taxpayers. It has also received a medallion from the Internal Revenue Service. Efrat has supported the program by securing over $177,000 in grants from private and public donors. The Local Taxpayer Advocate for the Los Angeles Area has stated that the Bookstein Clinic “fills an incredibly important need in the community,” providing “excellent advocacy and representation” to low-income taxpayers. In addition, Efrat’s students have provided tax education for taxpayers not proficient in English through numerous student-led workshops.

Efrat is known as a faculty member who “genuinely cares about the success of his students,” and they speak with appreciation of the tax clinic, which provides the “opportunity to see first-hand the direct impact the tax system has on the lives of individuals.”

Kim Abeles (Art), Alyce Akers (Family & Consumer Sciences), Joel Athey (English), Chao Chen (Finance, Real Estate & Insurance), Raymond Chen (Accounting and Information Systems), Enrique de la Cruz (Asian American Studies), Crerar Douglas (Religious Studies), Sydney Farivar, posthumous (Elementary Education), Victoria Feinberg (Family & Consumer Sciences), Lawrence Fleischer, posthumous (Deaf Studies), Jerrold Gold (Mathematics), Donna Hardy (Psychology), Vincent Jeffries (Sociology), Brennis Lucero-Wagoner (Psychology), Heidemarie Lundblad (Accounting and Information Systems), Miguel Macias (Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics), Ronald McIntyre (Philosophy), Philip Morrison (Art), Patrick Nichelson (Religious Studies), Francoise Regnat (Music), Karen Robinette (Family & Consumer Sciences), Marta Sanchez (Chicana/o Studies), Brenda Timmerman (Computer Science), David Toppen (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Frank Lynwood Wren, posthumous (Mathematics) and Jennifer Zvi (Center on Disabilities) were awarded emeritus status.

The Samuel Goldberg and Sons Honors String Quartet provided music for the reception, at which the 2010-11 faculty officers were installed: Steven Stepanek (Computer Science), faculty president; Cheryl Spector (English), faculty vice president; and Sandra Chong (Elementary Education), faculty secretary.

—Shanté Morgan

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