2010 Freshman Celebration

December 5th, 2010 | Photo Essay

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About 60 student projects were displayed at the annual Freshman Celebration, which celebrates a semester of freshman learning as part of the Academic First Year Experiences Program. The Grand Prize was awarded to Ellen Stohl’s class for their project, “Are We Self-Defined, or Are We Defined by our Interaction with Others?” The piece used full-sized mannequins to display the physical impairments students analyzed in their project. Photos by Lee Choo and Dat-Tuyen Nguyen

Elliot Yi, Montana Cohen, and Shawn Nolen from Ellyn Gersh Lerner’s class perform a dance celebrating the similarities and differences in various choreography styles.

Students viewing the display “Facing Freshman Year” by Anne Eggebroten’s class. Using paper plates as double-sided canvases, students displayed emotions they felt during their first year of college.

“The Dream” was presented by Barbara Boyd’s class. The poster explores things that make individuals lives meaningful.

Ellen Stohl’s class displayed “We Are All Together.” The class wrote: “By exploring the diversity of ourselves and our culture we find that we are all members of various tribes. It is our membership that both separates and unites us.”

Amanda Cox, Sharetta Mayers, and Karen Ugarte from Mary Rigg’s class with their group’s project, “Mapping Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources in the San Fernando Valley.” Their presentation earned an honorable mention at the event.

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