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Cal State Northridge Professor Wins ‘The Gate of Freedom’ Award at Festival

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(NORTHRIDGE, Calif., May. 24th, 2011) ―

Writer, producer, director and Cal State Northridge film professor Alexis Krasilovsky received a lifetime achievement award, “The Special Award of the Festival ‘The Gate of Freedom,’ ” at the Ninth Gdansk Documentary Film Festival in Poland.

Alexis Krasilovsky receiving the Gate of Freedom Special Award "for emphatic solidarity to all people of all genders" at the Gdansk DocFilm Festival. Photo by Magda Czucha

The award was given to her “for emphatic solidarity to all people of all genders.” The festival featured screenings of documentaries about dignity and work, and was inspired by the workers of the Solidarity movement, which got its start in Gdansk.

“It’s a great honor to receive the Gate of Freedom Special Award from an international film festival located in Gdansk, the city where the Solidarity Movement was born,” said Krasilovsky. “ I hope that I can live up to the responsibility bestowed on me by the Gdansk DocFilm Festival, whose focus is ‘work and dignity,’ both as a professor and as part of the California Faculty Association, fighting for the dignity of our profession and for the quality of education of our students.”

“Women Behind the Camera” is based on Krasilovsky’s book of the same name, published in 1997. “Women Behind the Camera” is the first in-depth look at the lives of camerawomen and their struggles to succeed in a male-dominated field. Professor Krasilovsky and her co-editor, Dr. Harriet Margolis of New Zealand, are co-editing a second volume that pertains to camerawomen around the world.

“The responsibility of this award extends to my own filmmaking,” Krasilovsky said. “I hope to be able to express some of the issues that workers around the word face in my new documentary-in-progress, ‘Pastriology,’ when it comes to having enough of a living wage to feed themselves and their families. Being able to practice free speech as a professor, filmmaker, poet and writer is a euphoric feeling.”

As head of her own production company, Rafael Film, LLC, Krasilovsky has written, directed, produced and shot numerous documentaries, video-poems and art films, including “Exile,” “What Memphis Needs,” “Blood,” and “End of the Art World,” all of which were also screened as part of Krasilovsky’s retrospective at the festival.

For more information on “Women Behind the Camera,” visit http://www.womenbehindthecamera.com/.

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