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Artificial Intelligence Will Create New Kinds of Work

People sitting on cloud represent those around the world

Fears about the impact of technology on jobs have resurfaced periodically ever since. The latest bout of anxiety concerns the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI). Once again, however, technology is creating demand for work. To take one example, more and more people are supplying digital services online via what is sometimes dubbed the “human cloud”. Counter-intuitively, many are doing so in response to AI.

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AI Is Taking Over the Cloud

BOX CEO Aaron Levie

The cloud is getting smarter by the minute. In fact, it will soon know more about the photos you’ve uploaded than you do. Cloud storage company Box announced today that it is adding computer-vision technology from Google to its platform. Users will be able to search through photos, images, and other documents using their visual components, instead of by file name or tag. “As more and more data goes into the cloud, we’re seeing they need more powerful ways to organize and understand their content,” says CEO.

Source: AI Is Taking Over the Cloud – MIT Technology Review

Chatbots and the Rise of Women in Tech


“We are at the threshold of a revolution that would affect the daily lives of billions of people during the next decade…Chatbots are essentially a new user interface which provides consumers the ability to communicate with brands the same way they communicate with friends and family – via a natural conversation. In the not so distant future, we will be able to communicate with our bank, get recommendations on movies and order a cup of coffee from a friendly Chatbot.” claimed Yoav Barel, who founded the conference, in his opening speech.

Source: Chatbots and the Rise of Women in Tech | HuffPost

Intel Wiped Out in Mobile. Can this guy help it catch the AI wave?

To get a sense of computer scientist Naveen Rao, just take a look at his hands.The 42-year-old has busted all 10 of his fingers over a lifetime of skiing, skateboarding, bicycling, rollerblading, race-car driving, wrestling and hoops.

Source: Intel wiped out in mobile. Can this guy help it catch the AI wave? – LA Times

The Challenges of Playing the Market Against Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk has raised the alarm about artificial intelligence wiping out humanity, but the SpaceX and Tesla boss still hasn’t warned you that AI may be coming for your investments.When Google-owned DeepMind’s AlphaGo conquered a human champion at the game of Go last year, it was widely regarded as a watershed in machine learning. “Go is considered to be the pinnacle of game AI research,” said DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis at the time.

Source: The challenges of playing the market against artificial intelligence: Don Pittis – Business – CBC News