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AI tackles 5000 species

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In 2012, Google made a breakthrough: It trained its AI to recognize cats in YouTube videos. Google’s neural network, software which uses statistics to approximate how the brain learns, taught itself to detect the shapes of cats and humans with more than 70% accuracy. It was a 70% improvement over any other machine learning at the time.


Source: Five years ago, artificial intelligence was struggling to identify cats. Now it’s trying to tackle 5000 species — Quartz

Machine learning helps improve climate forecasts

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As Earth-observing satellites become more plentiful and climate models more powerful, researchers who study global warming are facing a deluge of data. Some are now turning to the latest trend in artificial intelligence (AI) to help trawl through all the information, in the hope of discovering new climate patterns and improving forecasts.

Source: How Machine Learning Could Help to Improve Climate Forecasts – Scientific American

Using Artificial Intelligence To Keep Drugs Safe

AI may be key in preventing contaminated drugs, according to the Director of Xavier Health Marla Phillips. “It can recognize connections from data that might seem irrelevant to a human and identify that it is producing a signal that could lead to a flawed product. Humans would otherwise let it go undetected.”

Source: Using Artificial Intelligence To Keep Drugs Safe | WOSU Radio