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Fueling the EV Revolution

CSUN is set to triple its number of EV chargers by late February 2022

CSUN is currently expanding its present network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus. EV commuters will soon have access to 88 convenient charging stations in total, as new units are installed and all current Level 2 and Level 3 chargers are being replaced with new “smart” chargers. Installation is expected to be completed by the end of February 2022, and the new system platform will be powered by Chargie, the largest installer of EV charging stations in Southern California.

According to Austin Eriksson, CSUN’s Director of Energy and Sustainability, “EVs are quickly growing in popularity, so it is vital for us to provide the necessary support system required for these vehicles. In fact, our recent transportation survey concluded that 68% of CSUN EV drivers can’t find available chargers. This expansion project is a critical step toward solving the problem while simultaneously helping our campus become more environmentally conscious.”

Based on a June 2021 report by the Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission, it is expected that 14.5% of cars on the road will be EVs by 2030. Following this trend, CSUN can expect to have over 6,000 EVs on campus at the end of the decade, so further expansion plans are already being developed and considered.

These new “smart” chargers will have the capability of providing real time charger availability, load balancing between vehicles on the same circuit, charging status, demand response, and more. In order to cover the program cost and ensure that the chargers remain operational and in good condition,  EV charging will no longer be free. EV drivers utilizing the new Chargie stations will pay only the campus utility rate — with no markups or surcharges — which is currently just 18 cents per kilowatt-hour, representing a significant cost savings when compared to residential rates and off-campus public charging stations. The program costs (maintenance, contract and administration) will be covered utilizing revenue from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standards Program which credits providers of clean transportation fuels to support low-carbon transportation programs.

Through the easy-to-use Chargie smartphone app, CSUN students, faculty, and staff can set up an account and payment method, preload funds, scan the QR code of the corresponding station, and follow the charging status of their vehicles in real time. A detailed map of the new charging station locations across campus can be found here.