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Four Beginner’s Steps to Improving Financial Wellbeing

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By: Monsoor Kalam, Project Coordinator

We should all be able to say, “I am in control of my day-to-day finances, and that if I were to have a financial shock I can overcome with what I have saved.” But, not many of us can confidently state this. Much of this uncertainty, comes from not feeling comfortable with managing finances, however it doesn’t take a financial analyst or a business guru to take the small steps to become financially secure. Try out the following tips to get yourself started on the path to improving your financial wellbeing.

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Why Thrifting is Good for You and the Environment

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By: Sarah Hofstedt, CSUN Public Health Intern

The fashion industry moves fast. We buy more clothes now than ever before, and we are constantly exposed to new styles through social media. The fashion industry is not exactly environmentally friendly, though, and in 2015, 10.5 million tons of textiles were dumped into landfills. So what can we do to help? While we can’t all take a trip to London to protest Fashion Week, we can shop a little more sustainably. Continue reading