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Statement from the ad hoc GE task force

[At the request of the co-chairs, I’m sharing the following statement]

Task Force Statement

Purpose: Recognizing our students’ needs, challenges and goals, the Task Force will make recommendations concerning our GE program that advance student success through quality education while maintaining our cross-cultural competency requirements (Section F of current GE Plan) and aligning with the California Education Code.

Task Force Members: Initially, members were identified and invited by President Harrison. Additional members were identified and invited by the co-chairs in consultation with faculty, staff and students. The goal is to provide balanced representation across stakeholders on campus.

Process and Procedures: The Task Force will engage in transparent, consultative and inclusive processes to develop recommendations. The Task Force honors and respects the Faculty Senate vote to not implement EO 1100 – Revised and EO 1110. Thus, the Task Force is not intended to bypass or sidestep the Faculty Senate vote. The intention of the Task Force is to work creatively and collaborative to find solutions concerning our GE program that address our students’ academic success.

Recommendations from the Task Force will be shared with the CSUN campus community, Faculty Senate, and CSUN administrators.

Timeline: The Task Force intends to make recommendations by the end of spring semester 2018.

Dianne Harrison, President, CSUN
Brian Burkhart, Director and Associate Professor, American Indian Studies, CSUN
Kathryn Sorrells, Chair and Professor, Department of Communication Studies, CSUN

Task Force on General Education Members:
Frankie Augustin, Environmental & Occupational Health
Brian Burkhart, American Indian Studies
Sandra Chong, Elementary Education
Nazaret Dermendjian, Civil Engineering & Construction Management
Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens, History
Jimmy Ghandi, Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management
Jonathan Goldenberg, Associated Students
Dave Gray, Biology
Barbara Gross, Marketing
Gabriel Gutierrez, Chicana/o Studies
Brittney Harvey, Student
Zahraa Khuraibet, Student
Terri Lisagor, Family Consumer Science
Nakaya Manning, Advisor
Gina Masequesmay, Asian American Studies
Christina Mayberry, University Library
Luiz Mendes, University Library
Elizabeth Reigos, Advisor
Rosa Rivera Furumoto, Chicana/o Studies
Lou Rubino, Health Sciences
Jerry Schutte, Sociology
Kathryn Sorrells, Communications
Jon Stahl, Cinema & Television Arts
Mary Pat Stein, Biology
Kate Stevenson, Mathematics
Jerry Stinner, Dean, College of Science & Mathematics
Adam Swenson, Philosophy
Stella Theodoulou, Vice Provost
Nate Thomas, Cinema & Television Arts
Kaya Tillery, Student
Janet Valenzuela, Student
William Watkins, VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Theresa White, African Studies