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Having a Safe Summer Fling

Unsplash.com // Hrvoje Grubisic

By: Sarah Hofstedt, CSUN Public Health Intern

Summer is almost here! For many college students that means a much-needed break filled with beach trips, outdoor movie nights, and making out with acquaintances at pool parties. Some people even get involved in flings, which are casual sexual and/or romantic relationships that typically last between one and four months.

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Spring is Coming! Bending the Knee to a Safe Spring Break.

By: Araceli Salcedo, CSUN Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing Volunteer

Spring Break is upon us! Spring break is an opportunity for students to enjoy oneself with friends or family and allows for a week long halt from studying and midterms. When asking a couple people what came to mind when thinking of Spring Break, immediately some answered (with excitement) partying, travel plans to Mexico, resting, going out, or simply enjoying the time off! Now all those answers sound lovely, but what many don’t think about, is having a safe Spring Break. Although Spring Break has a certain association, or is associated with risky behavior, does not mean students have to put themselves at risk. Below are some safety tips for your awesome plans for break! Continue reading