About this blog

As Faculty President, it feels like I am on virtually every campus committee. I also spend a good amount of time at the Chancellor’s Office.

I consequently come across a lot of, well, stuff that many CSUN faculty members will be interested in. But I can’t justify sending the vast majority of it via the all faculty email list. This blog will fill the gap.

I will use it to post, inter alia:

  • Campus and system-wide news and announcements.
  • Written reports and presentations received by the Senate on behalf of the Faculty.
  • Notices of events, grants, and other things which happen on particular future dates (beware: philosopher)

More speculatively, I might also post:

  • My own explanations of weird but important CSUN minutia (e.g., The Dysfunctional Relationship of the Faculty Bylaws to Department Handbooks or the Mystery of What’s in Sections 100-500). I’ve spent a lot of time figuring some of this stuff out. I figure I might as well share it…..
  • My own interpretations of state-level events, trends, strategies, or issues.
  • My own views on system or university matters. (I do not intend to do much of this)

When I am doing more than just reporting, I will try to clearly demarcate when I am speculating and when I am opining. Obviously, those are blurry lines, so, as in all things, caveat lector.

Finally, the title of the blog reflects the role of its author. That said, everything I write and post here is in my capacity as an individual faculty member. I speak only for myself and not for any of the bodies I am affiliated with or serve in.

Resolutions of the Senate or Faculty are the only official voice of the Faculty. Nothing else herein should be taken as the position or as reflecting the views of the Faculty, CSUN, the ASCSU, or the CSU.