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What’s Up with Cleanses?

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By: Sarah Hofstedt, CSUN Public Health Intern

The idea of cleansing one’s body through clean eating and drinking is not a new one: ayurvedic medicine has an ancient cleanse protocol called panchakarma that includes dietary restrictions, steam baths, and even bloodletting. Today we see Instagram influencers posting passionately about their juice detoxes, sometimes sponsored by the juice companies themselves. Castor oil, enemas, and other methods for bowel cleansing are touted as making the digestive system more efficient. But are detoxification practices really worth it? Continue reading


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By: Sarah Hofstedt, CSUN Public Health Intern

Aromatherapy is an inexpensive, low-commitment way to support wellness; it can bolster healthy sleep, aid in relaxation, and improve mood. It can be as easy as pouring a few essential oil drops onto a cotton ball, or you can buy a diffuser. However, the amount of information online about essential oils and aromatherapy is overwhelming, and using essential oils incorrectly is potentially dangerous. Continue reading

Walking: Taking Steps to a Healthier You

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By: Araceli Salcedo, CSUN Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing Volunteer

Staying fit and exercising is one of the best ways to maintain your health. Something as simple as walking every day can help you live a healthier life and continue on the road to a healthier you! It’s free and you can literally do it anywhere. Continue reading

Spilling the Tea about Green Tea

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By: Araceli Salcedo, CSUN Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing Volunteer

Besides water, tea is the most commonly consumed drink around the world. Green tea, to be exact, has been known to have many health benefits and has been used in cultures worldwide for medicinal/health purposes or simply enjoyed by people every day. Continue reading

Ways to prevent sun damage (aside from sunscreen)

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By: Sarah Hofstedt, CSUN Public Health Intern

Sun protection is essential nowadays. California has an almost year-round sunny season, and because sun damage is cumulative, we have to be sure to protect our skin and eyes. Sunscreen is a good start, but there are other ways to increase your defenses against sun damage. Continue reading