How To Make Your Computer Faster & Speed Up Your Windows 10 PC in 2020 – 2021!

Often times your PC starts to run your apps pretty slow. Before you decide to upgrade your hardware, try these tips to squeeze as much performance as possible form your Window 10 PC.

Here are 15 tips that could help you speed up your slow Windows 10 PC

  1. 0:00 – Disable background apps and free up 1-3 GB of RAM
  2. 0:52 – Enable a High Performance power option in Windows 10 and other optimizations
  3. 1:51 – Disable unnecessary startup applications in Windows 10 to speed up your Windows 10 PC
  4. 2:29 – Free up hard drive space by deleting temporary files in Windows 10 to speed up your PC
  5. 3:17 – Free up hard drive space by deleting unnecessary Windows 10 apps and removing temporary files
  6. 4:06 – Turn off file indexing in Windows 10 to speed up your PC
  7. 4:42 – Get higher FPS in games with a proper power plan and by capping the frame-rate with an NVIDIA graphics card
  8. 5:29 – Turn off unnecessary animations in Windows 10 to speed up your PC
  9. 5:59 – How to get more FPS in competitive video games “Adjust for best performance”
  10. 6:15 – Get more FPS in competitive video games: turn off anti-aliasing, lens effects and zoom in depth of field. Set reflections to lowest possible level.
  11. 6:40 – Get 30% more FPS in PC video games: Turn on T-AA anti-aliasing and set it to 85% (downscale)
  12. 7:40 – Boost PC performance by adjusting the virtual memory paging file size (use with caution)
  13. 8:41 – Turn off background apps in Windows 10
  14. 9:18 – How to speed up Windows 10 boot up by turning off unnecessary startup apps
  15. 9:49 – Turn off Windows 10 game bar and the open game bar using this button on a controller option to speed up your PC

Let us know if any of the tips above helped you and keep an eye on the HardwareSavvy channel for daily updates.

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