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How to Improve Web Site Load Speed

As someone who’s worked in affiliate marketing and eCommerce traffic optimization, I would encourage you to not listen to cookie-cutter advice from many “experts”. There is no one solution fits all. Below you can see 16 ways you can improve website page speed, but I’d suggest reading CASE STUDIES to see what worked for others in YOUR industry. Here is one that looked ad eCommerce sites called the Definitive Guide to Improving Site Speed.

16 ways to improve web site page speed:

  1. Use content compression software
  2. Optimize colors and images
  3. Enable HTTP/2 on your web site
  4. Use caching plugin to reduce traffic bottlenecks caused by PHP scripts that are used on pages often
  5. Reduce the number of JS files and files in general
  6. Build a landing page using WordPress themes with the Lazy Loading option enabled for speed improvements
  7. Use HTTP/2.0, SPDY, Fastly and Varnish to improve your site speed
  8. Use CloudFlare for better SSL performance and caching options
  9. Use Redis instead of Memcached
  10. Use Sass for CSS asset loading and page optimization
  11. Use the Batch-loading plugin to reduce the number of queries being made on the database by Googlebot and other crawling bots
  12. Use Cloudfront, Varnish and Nginx to host your static files and images
  13. Store your static site on Amazon S3 and use Cloudfront for speed improvements
  14. Use a CDN like Cloudflare for better performance in delivering content that comes from your hosting server to the end-user’s browser
  15. Use comment and trackback forms on your website instead of cookies
  16. Remove Google Analytics from your web site

How to Generate a QR Code for Free

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a 2-dimensional matrix (a square with marks or dots within each square) that represents a URL. You use the URL to access a website within the app. In order to access the contents of the web page, you need to also have an internet connection and an e-mail address associated with your account.

What are QR codes used for?

There are many ways to use QR codes. You can have QR codes for school teachers, QR codes for business, QR codes for inventory management and marketing purposes. They can be read by smartphones, as well as other devices that use cameras, scanners or touch screens. This allows you to quickly find businesses in your area easily which will help you make new friends and socialize more effectively.

There are many businesses that have QR codes on their websites and it’s helpful to use them so they will remember who you are when they need an order delivered the next time they’re in your neighborhood.

There are also many companies that offer advertising with their QR codes. You can take advantage of this opportunity and have your brand advertised, even if you have a small budget. Many websites are interested in having their QR code in the first page of search results, so it’s possible to get a lot of exposure throughout the world’s biggest countries by paying for a small amount of advertisement.

With social networks and smartphones, people now prefer to communicate with phone numbers rather than email and messaging services because it is easier, more convenient and free. However, some of these services don’t allow people to send images or videos over the phone nor does it have a chat feature.

How to generate a QR code free?

Go to free QR code generator and select a type of a QR code you’d like to generate.

There are 12 different types of QR codes you can create there:

  1. Text QR Code – encode a message into an QR code so that when someone scans it, they will see the message.
  2. URL QR Code – convert a link to an online website, social media profile, brochure, blog, appointment into a QR code.
  3. Phone QR Code – create a QR code with your phone number, so others can call you.
  4. SMS QR Code – allow people to send you a text message after scanning your QR code.
  5. e-Mail QR Code – generate a QR code with your email address, so that other people can scan the QR code send you an email.
  6. Whatspsapp QR Code – create a QR code with your Whatsapp contact information, so others can contact you directly via Whatsapp.
  7. Facetime QR Code – allow others to Face Time you
  8. Location QR Code – encode a location into a QR code, so others can find you. Great for businesses or geotagging.
  9. Wi-Fi QR CodeEncode your Wi-Fi credentials into a QR code, so that others can connect to your Wi-Fi without having to enter the Wi-Fi network name and the password. Works with a quick scan.
  10. Event QR Code – share an invite to an even via a QR code.
  11. Crypto Wallet QR Code – share your crypto wallet with others to receive crypto payments.
  12. Vcard QR Code – share your business name, location, email address, date of birth with others via a standalone QR code or one on a business card.

What other way can you use QR codes:

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve safety, promote your business, or simply impress friends and family members with your technological prowess, this article will provide the best way for you to use QR codes.

We’ll start by exploring how using a QR code as a business card can be beneficial as well as just look cool. If you have a website or social media following for your business, you might want to consider generating a QR code for your card. This gives your card a unique identifier that will be easy for people to scan on their phones and will link them directly to your website or social media account. The benefits of linking multiple accounts can be seen in the Farmville example above; someone who scans the QR code on her farm truck gets access not only to her Facebook page but also her Twitter page, where she can easily get in contact with Leila’s Farm.

A second use of QR codes — one that is often overlooked — is creating an easy way for people to find your contact information. If you are one of the many people who hate writing down personal information, or give out their phone numbers reluctantly, QR codes can allow you to “hide” your contact information in places that aren’t obvious. For example, you could use a QR code to host your phone number along with links to social media sites and your website. Then, instead of giving someone a piece of paper that they might lose, you can simply tell them to scan the code on your shirt with their phone!

There are also some interesting ways in which businesses and educators can utilize QR Codes. Many teachers have found success using QR Codes as an alternative to traditional worksheets. For example, you could use QR Codes to create jeopardy style games for your students. If you are looking for a unique way to promote your business, QR codes that connect back to your Facebook or Twitter profile may be the key. If you want to organize a group of people, QR codes can link them all together so that they can easily communicate with each other. They are also a great way to exchange information within small groups.

Finally, if you need an easy way to get in contact with someone when there is no cell phone service, using a QR code as an emergency contact card might be a good idea. You could also include an emergency contact number for your significant other or family members that are not fluent in English. If people remember to bring their phones with them, they can use a QR code to quickly contact you when they are in trouble!

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1.) Some QR Codes may have multiple links. Just scan the first one you see (that appears when you are scanning a QR Code within the app or on an image. There is no need to scan a second link unless you wish. Scanning will immediately take you there and if it doesn’t work then that’s another link…just keep scanning until it does work.

  1. ) You don’t need to launch the app to scan a QR Code.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you’re a person who is looking for a way to make money online, Amazon can give you a great opportunity. The website gives marketers huge opportunities to sell items on their platform and earn commission as an Amazon Affiliate. There is nothing more fulfilling than finally earning enough income from your hard work, and it is empowering as well. You can also help others by giving them advice about how to make the most of selling products on Amazon both now and in the future.

What Is Amazon?

Amazon is a popular American e-commerce company that aims to provide customers with more convenient shopping experience. It is a huge online retailer which provides a great online platform for people to buy and sell goods. The site has many different avenues where people can purchase products ranging from electronics to clothing and books. Many of its products are sold exclusively through Amazon, so it is the only website where they can be found. It has a large number of products, making it one of the most popular websites on the internet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become an Amazon affiliate.

What Is an Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon affiliates are website owners and bloggers who have signed up to receive commission from Amazon for advertising their products. Anytime someone purchases a product from Amazon after clicking a link that you have provided them, you can earn a commission from that sale. It is an excellent way to monetize your blog or website and also builds trust with your website visitors. Often times affiliate products will be listed on your website and your readers will be able to find them easily. You can offer them an added convenience by providing an affiliate link that allows them to purchase the item online. Besides Amazon, you can earn from other affiliate programs. One of the most popular ones is the ClickBank affiliate program. You can learn how to earn money with ClickBank. If you are on social media, there are also many other ways how to monetize your social media followers.

Amazon Affiliate Programs

There are many different affiliate programs through Amazon, and it is an extremely beneficial way to get started earning money online. However, it is important that you know what products are most profitable so you can branch out to others if necessary. When starting out, it is best to look for products that are of high demand or that you personally like. There are many choices that can be marketed on Amazon, but if you do not know the best products to sell, your time may be wasted. When creating your website, it is recommended that you use WordPress because this software will allow you to sell product through the website without compromising or restricting its appeal.

Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliates make an excellent source for income online. Because Amazon offers numerous products that you can market, there are endless possibilities for what you can offer your customers. Many affiliate programs are geared towards earning commission on one particular product, but Amazon gives its affiliates the opportunity to choose from many different products. When choosing a product for an affiliate to sell, it is best to choose one that offers a higher profit. If you are not making much money or are simply looking for extra income, it is best to stick with the best selling items because they will make you more money.

Importance of a Quick Loading Landing Page

When selling on Amazon, it is important that your website or landing page loads quickly and that the site is easy to navigate. Amazon does not allow affiliates to create a website with slow loading times or difficult navigation. Each product you sell must be easy for customers to find and purchase. You can either build your own web site with your own hosting and a domain name, or create an Amazon affiliate landing page at EZBiolink, which is highly optimized for simplicity, SEO, speed and compatibility with the Amazon affiliate program. If you do not have the best products or if they are hard for customers to find, they may simply go elsewhere and purchase from another company. Always keep your customers in mind because they are the reason why you are making money.

What Products to Offer to Increase Your Profits

Amazon has a lot of products that you can offer to people, but there are a few that will make you more money. Selling these products will help you earn the highest commission and grow your affiliate business quickly. Since Amazon is geared towards making a fast profit, it is best to choose a product that has been proven to succeed. The best way to know which products are most profitable is by looking at what other companies have been successful with on Amazon.

Using Amazon Affiliate Programs

  1. You can start using Amazon affiliate programs as soon as your website is up and running. Simply find a product that you want to sell on Amazon and then look at other websites that have been successful with it. When you find a product that you would like to use as an example, go ahead an set up your account. You will need to upload your pictures, information about the product and list the price of the item before setting it up for commission. Remember to use a link from your site so that people can easily make a purchase.
  2. Once you have set up your account, you will need to listen for an email from Amazon telling you that your website is approved. Once this occurs, you will have the option of choosing a category for the product you are going to offer. If it is a product that has already been eligible to sell on Amazon, then it is best that you choose a different category instead. This way, you will have a greater chance of earning a higher commission.
  3. Once you have chosen your category, you can begin to create your website for marketing purposes. Make sure that the information you provide is extensive and that it contains pictures of the product that people can see. Customers want to know as much as they can about the product before purchasing it, so be sure to use plenty of pictures throughout your website. Once your website is set up and ready for selling, there are multiple ways that you can advertise it on Amazon.

How Can One Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Programs?

There are many avenues through which you can earn money with Amazon affiliate programs. You can sell the same product again and again to your members, you can provide coupons for your members or you can help them find other items they might be interested in purchasing. Once you have an established following of customers, it is possible that they will become regular customers that will purchase from you because they know that they can get what they want easily. By focusing your attention on a few products, you can start to make a comfortable income through Amazon affiliate programs.

3 Additional Ways You Earn with Amazon Affiliate Program?

  1. You can earn money from Amazon affiliate programs is by offering coupons. Once you have decided on the product that you want to sell, you can simply provide promotional codes that customers can use to earn a discount on their purchase. This is a great way to offer some added incentives to your customers and also increase your profit margin. Members will appreciate your efforts to help them save money on their purchases.
  2. Another way you can earn money through Amazon affiliate programs is by marketing other products that you think people may want to buy. This way, you are helping your customers find even more items that they can purchase with their own money. If your customers want to purchase products that are related to the products you are marketing, then they can do so through Amazon. By offering articles about these products, you can help people make informed decisions about what they should purchase.
  3. The last way you can earn money through Amazon affiliate programs is by helping your customers find other products they might be interested in. If your customers are satisfied with your product, then they may want to purchase another item that will be related to your product. When you offer helpful articles about other possible products, you can help people save time and money when they purchase.

The Importance of a Good Landing Page as an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon does not allow direct linking to their products from social media profiles or articles. In order to avoid getting banned from the Amazon associate program, you need to create a landing page, where you will host all of your amazon affiliate links. If you are technical and have time to learn how to create a web site, buy a hosting package and a domain name – great. If you want to get up an running in 5 minutes, with no previous knowledge, here is a full guide on how to create an Amazon Affiliate landing page with EZBiolink.

Sell the Right Products

Sellers of products on Amazon are not alone in wanting to turn a profit. To really make money through Amazon affiliate programs, you will need to search far and wide for items that are likely to be sold well. If your website is attractive enough for people to come back, they are more likely to purchase from you again. They will also be more likely to return the next time you offer a product that they want because it was easy for them to find.

You can promote Amazon products on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

If you are a social media influencer, read about the 5 things highly successful social media influencers do to earn a living on social media.

And if you are ready to become an Amazon associate, here is a full guide about how to become an Amazon associate.

Benefits of a Contactless Online Menu

At a glance, contactless point-of-sale (POS) systems seem like a dream come true for any business owner. Not only do they provide a higher profit margin than traditional cash registers, but they also give customers the ability to purchase menu items online. That’s why it should come as no surprise that many restaurants are looking into contactless POS systems in order to increase their revenue and help keep their customers happy.

But is a contactless system the right choice for your restaurant? Despite the many perks associated with contactless technology, there are some potential disadvantages that you need to be aware of before making a decision.

Is Contactless Really Better?

Although contactless POS systems cost more than traditional registers, they offer several key advantages that can make them more beneficial for your restaurant. More on that in the original article about the benefits of a contactless menu for your restaurant. For starters, an online menu linked to a POS system can increase sales. Because customers will no longer have to order food while dining, they’ll be able to browse your website and mark their favorites before ordering. This means that the number of food orders per day will increase, which is a major contributing factor when it comes to increasing revenue.

Moreover, since you’ll be able to track your customers’ food consumption through online ordering, you won’t have to worry about your fixed profit margins. Instead of earning a set amount when a customer buys food for their table, online ordering will allow the system to calculate the price per item and let you know how much money you’ll make based on the amount of food that was ordered. This makes it easier for your staff to plan menus and produce accurate cost calculations for customers interested in making additional reservations. In cases where customers order online, this is especially important as it can help boost your revenue.

Having a contactless menu normally comes with an online component and it could help you in moving your restaurant online and could be one of the best ways how to promote your restaurant online.

Contactless POS systems also allow you to sell menu items online. When customers order their food online, the POS system can automatically mark the items as sold, and you won’t have to worry about losing out on business because of slow sales or having to manually mark inventory.

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Contactless is Much Faster

As far as efficiency is concerned, contactless POS systems also come with a number of benefits. Most traditional cash registers take several minutes to process sales and close out a transaction. By eliminating the need for cashiers to swipe credit cards or hand over receipts, contactless technology allows payments to be processed more quickly. Customers can complete their purchases and leave in seconds flat without dealing with endless lines at the register.

Contactless technology also makes it easier for you to work with international markets. While your staff may have to learn the ins and outs of a foreign money system in order to accept foreign currency, your POS terminal can process these transactions without them even needing to enter the information into your system. If the money and credit card are already loaded onto the magnetic stripe of the card, all you’ll need is a customer’s passport (or other ID) in order to complete payment.

Is Contactless Technology Right For You?

Contactless POS systems are ideal for restaurants that want to take advantage of online ordering and selling menu items without having their profit margins suffer. However, this brings us to our next question…

Is contactless technology really the right choice for your restaurant? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, contactless POS systems may be a great fit for your business. But if not, there are several other options available to you.

Contactless Brings You Free Traffic from Google and Yelp

In order to increase your profit, it is a good idea to add contactless menu URL on Google and Yelp. This will drive more traffic to your restaurant! Google Maps is a great source of free restaurant traffic. Besides Google Maps, there are at least other 10 sources of free customer traffic for your food business. People search for food on Google every day. By adding a contactless menu to a Google Map, Yelp or Google My Business, people will be able to see what’s on your menu and order online directly from your Google listing. The good thing about Yelp is that it is more of a trusted source for customers.

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