How to Improve Web Site Load Speed

As someone who’s worked in affiliate marketing and eCommerce traffic optimization, I would encourage you to not listen to cookie-cutter advice from many “experts”. There is no one solution fits all. Below you can see 16 ways you can improve website page speed, but I’d suggest reading CASE STUDIES to see what worked for others in YOUR industry. Here is one that looked ad eCommerce sites called the Definitive Guide to Improving Site Speed.

16 ways to improve web site page speed:

  1. Use content compression software
  2. Optimize colors and images
  3. Enable HTTP/2 on your web site
  4. Use caching plugin to reduce traffic bottlenecks caused by PHP scripts that are used on pages often
  5. Reduce the number of JS files and files in general
  6. Build a landing page using WordPress themes with the Lazy Loading option enabled for speed improvements
  7. Use HTTP/2.0, SPDY, Fastly and Varnish to improve your site speed
  8. Use CloudFlare for better SSL performance and caching options
  9. Use Redis instead of Memcached
  10. Use Sass for CSS asset loading and page optimization
  11. Use the Batch-loading plugin to reduce the number of queries being made on the database by Googlebot and other crawling bots
  12. Use Cloudfront, Varnish and Nginx to host your static files and images
  13. Store your static site on Amazon S3 and use Cloudfront for speed improvements
  14. Use a CDN like Cloudflare for better performance in delivering content that comes from your hosting server to the end-user’s browser
  15. Use comment and trackback forms on your website instead of cookies
  16. Remove Google Analytics from your web site

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