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Winners Drink Matcha Tea

Matcha powder and matcha drinks in containers

By: Erika Cardenas, CSUN Dietetic Intern Cohort 2021-2023

Tea has been around for centuries and, after water, is the most popular drink worldwide.1 Every day, two billion cups of tea are consumed.1 Surprisingly, the primary types of tea – white, green, oolong, and black- are all derived from the same plant. It’s true, these teas come from the camellia sinensis plant but differ in cultivation method, processing, and properties.2 While these teas are “true teas,” there are also herbal infusions such as chamomile and hibiscus blends. You may have tried various types of fruit-flavored iced teas and black teas, but none are quite like matcha. Although each tea has its qualities and health benefits, matcha has been trending more recently due to the increased availability and its popularity in drinks, such as matcha lattes. 

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