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Hibiscus Flower Tea

By Laleh Bral, CSUN Dietetic Intern

Hibiscus tea, made from dried hibiscus flowers, is a ruby red herbal tea with a tart, cranberry-like flavor and a refreshingly tangy taste. It works well as a thirst quenching iced beverage or an invigorating hot tea. Hibiscus can be used to make a plant based food dye in items such as frosting and syrup. Continue reading

Winter Vegan Comfort Foods

Written by Karina N. Almanza, CSUN Dietetic Intern

When I tell people I’m a vegan, 80% of them will respond, “Wow, I could never be a vegan.” The other 20% think it might be attributed to a career in nutrition as an aspiring Registered Dietitian or just all together think I’m crazy. Granted, I am slightly crazy but that’s just part of my quirky personality and has nothing to do with the title I take on as a vegan.

A vegan is an individual who abstains from the consumption of animal-related products avoiding meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products (butter, yogurt, cheese, ice cream) and honey. Continue reading