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Food Insecurity and the Starving Student at CSUN

By: Jenica Smith, CSUN Dietetic Intern

Food Security

With increased tuition and enrollment, the average college student must balance the cost of higher education and the cost of living.1 As a result, access to affordable and healthy food has become a regular challenge faced by college-aged adults across the United States. The archetype of the “starving student” has become widely accepted, but at what cost? Like the body, an active mind requires enough energy to perform. Lack of adequate food may hinder a student’s ability to learn. Food insecurity has been shown to have a negative impact on academic success as well as students’ health and well-being.2,3
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Stretch Your Food Dollars

Image: Neonbrand/Unsplash

By: Mariah Haroon, CSUN Dietetic Intern

If you find yourself struggling with your food budget, ask yourself these questions: How many times have I opened my refrigerator to restock groceries only to find out that I had more than enough groceries to last me for a week? Am I actually checking the food for signs of it going bad before throwing it away? Am I taking full advantage of all the money saving resources that are out there for groceries? If your answers lead you to believe that you can use some help in saving money on food, here are a few tips for you. Continue reading