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Beat the Common Cold

Foods god for cold remedies, honey, tea and lemon.Cold season is upon us and sometimes no matter how many times a day you wash your hands and stay away from people with a cold it’s a matter of time before you catch it yourself. One way to build resistance to catching the common cold is to eat foods that protect you from the effects of the cold. Here are some helpful tips to make the common cold not so common. Continue reading

Heart Healthy Fats

oliveoilThe word “fats” scares many. It is one of the most misleading food items by consumers. Everyone thinks that you have to stay away from it; however not all fats are created equal. There are fats that are actually good for you especially for your cardiovascular system; basically they are “heart-healthy”. Here I’ll discuss some nutritious fatty foods that you can incorporate into your diet, many of them may even surprise you. Continue reading