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Diarrhea and Constipation: A Breakdown of Common Gastrointestinal Issues

By: Ana Garcia, CSUN Dietetic Intern Cohort 2021-2022 

Discussing bowel movements, commonly known as “poop”, may be an uncomfortable or embarrassing topic. However, the frequency of our bowel movements and the consistency of stools actually reveals a lot of useful information regarding our health and diet. After a meal, the coordinated contractions and relaxations of smooth muscles in the gut transport food throughout the intestines so water, electrolytes, and nutrients can be absorbed while waste is eliminated.Assuming normal gut function, a person can expect between 3 bowel movements per day to 3 bowel movements per week.2 

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All About Probiotics

By: Brittany York, B.S., CSUN Dietetic Intern

Image: T.L.Furrer/Shutterstock

Probiotics are “good bacteria” that provide health benefits to those who consume them.1,2 Probiotics mainly live in the intestines, and their known health benefits have been traced back as far as 460–370 BC when Hippocrates stated: “All diseases begin in the gut.”1

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